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New .BIZ Top Level Domain (TLD)

.BIZ is more than a new Top Level Domain (TLD)
It's a business tool that leverages the most advanced Internet infrastructure technology platform available. It gives businesses of all sizes, all around the world a new way to redefine their online presence and compete on a global level. .BIZ is designed to be a more secure, stable, dynamic domain to give you and your customers the needed competitive edge.

Technically, a better business address
Unlike other TLDs, like .com or .net, .BIZ is strictly for business. .BIZ was built in response to businesses' need for a secure, stable platform - one that finally lets companies confidently move their mission-critical applications to the Internet. With built-in features that give businesses greater online security, you can now make your online presence work harder. Superior directory services will enable customers to find you more easily. A more advanced platform will facilitate more secure transactions on a global basis. And a more robust network with less extraneous traffic will allow for more efficient communications throughout the network.

.BIZ is definitely not business as usual
.BIZ transcends the cluttered .com environment by providing the first Business Internet Zone. If you want your business to be distinctive and have a more dynamic online presence, .BIZ is an opportunity you will not want to miss. Get your .biz domain name today!

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