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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Setup Questions

Common Technical Support Issues


Do you support Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000?

Basic Plan: FrontPage® extensions can be installed on Basic Plan sites but, we only support publishing using FTP protocol from FrontPage® (use

Premium Plans: FrontPage® is fully supported on these plans.

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Do you support Cold Fusion 4.5, 5.0?

Yes. We have Cold Fusion 4.5 installed. 5.0 will be installed on our Premium plan servers by July 2, 2001.

Disabled Tags:

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Do you support Visual InterDev?

Yes. We support the design of your web site with Visual InterDev. Specific design-time components such as custom .dll's require prior inspection and approval of source code.

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Do you support Real Audio/Video?

All servers are setup with the Real Audio mime type to enable you to stream RealAudio or RealVideo from your server.

If you are having problems setting up your Real Media files, visit our FAQ on that topic.

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What are the server specifications?

Currently, the servers are running Windows 2000 , Internet Information Server 5.0, Service Pack 1, Active Server Pages 3.0, Support for FrontPage (latest release), Cold Fusion 4.5 and the latest 32-bit ODBC drivers.

The hardware requirements, at a minimum, are: Pentium III 450MhZ (Dual), 256MB PC100 RAM, 10.2GB SCSI with RAID V drive configuration.

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How are you connected to the Internet?

The servers are connected to the Internet through a burstable DS3 configuration. Currently this connection is only 35% is utilized, so bandwidth is not a problem.

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Do you allow adult content?

No. We do not allow any adult content on our servers.

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Why would I need NT instead of Unix?

We believe that if you are designing websites using an Microsoft product, you should have it hosted on an NT platform. Unix is an excellent platform. But, when it comes to Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Access and Microsoft® SQL Server - there is just no substitute for the power and stability of Windows NT.

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How long will it take to setup my account?

Accounts are setup within 1 business day after payment is made, typically within 4 - 6 hours.

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How long before my domain name is accessible?

Requests (modifications, etc) may take up to three (3) days for InterNIC to process. After InterNIC has approved the request, it will take about 24-48 hours for every DNS server in the world to update so that your page can be seen by everyone.

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What forms of payment are acceptable?

In order to keep high efficiencies and low prices, we prefer online payment via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX)  Check payments may be made, but you'll need prior approval from our billing department. Check payments are usually made on an annual basis only.

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How do I cancel/suspend my account?

In order to protect your security and privacy, we can only accept account cancellations via fax (800) 664-8113 or postal mail. You must send cancellations to:

Vision Interactive Systems
ATTN: Account Cancellation
32 O'Brien Ave.
Apalachin, NY 13732

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Do you support CGI? If so , what type is supported?

Windows NT: We have installed and support full CGI-BIN access written in Perl 5. You do not need to know the path of the Perl compiler with Windows NT. Every file that has a .pl extension is automatically executed as a Perl script.

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How do I add statistics to my site?

Basic Plan: Log files are sent upon request to

SOHO and Premium Plans: This should have occurred when your account was setup, but if it didn't email your request to and include your domain name. We use MediaHouse LiveStats 5.0.

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How do I request a DSN for my database?

Basic Plan: Create a directory at the same level as your /html directory called 'database'. Upload your .mdb file(s) into that directory. Then email and include your domain, datasource name and the name of the .mdb file.

SOHO and Premium Plans: You can set this up yourself via the control panel available on these plans.

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How do I setup Real Audio for my site?

To stream RealAudio or RealVideo content using HTTP:

  1. Copy your encoded RealAudio/RealVideo files (files with the .ra extension) to your account.
  2. Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to create a metafile containing a RealAudio/RealVideo URL. For example, the contents of your file should be in the following form:
 where is the name of your World Wide Web server. For example:
  3. Save your metafile as text using a .ram filename extension and upload it to the server.
  4. In your HTML document, reference the metafile in a hyperlink. For example:
    <A HREF="filename.ram">
    <A HREF="http://hostname/file.ram">
  5. You can use relative or complete paths. If you use complete paths, you must include both the hostname and the complete path. For example:
    <A HREF="">
  6. When a user clicks on the link, the audio file(s) begin to download. The RealPlayer begins playing after a few seconds; it does not need to wait for the entire file to be downloaded.

For additional information see

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How do I setup/troubleshoot ASPMail?

Due to the detailed nature of this response, we have dedicated an entire page to this topic. Although we do not support the actual use of ASPMail, since we have the environment, we have gathered as much information as we could find.

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I already have my own domain currently hosted on another service. Is there any problem with transferring the domain from them to you? How does that work?

We can contact Network Solutions (NSI) and request that your domain be modified to point to our DNS servers. Once they receive the request, NSI sends out two (2) email messages to the Administrative and Technical contacts listed in the domain name WHOIS record. Once these are received, one (1) of these individuals must respond to this message with a Yes response.

Once NSI receives the Yes response, they process the request. This can take up to 48 hours. Once the InterNIC database is updated, it will take another 24-48 hours for everbody else (ISP's) to update their DNS servers with the new location.

If your domain name is not registered at NSI, we will do our best to assist you in updating your record with our nameservers.

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