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New StoreFront 6.0 Has More of the Features You Need to Succeed

StoreFront 6.0 is Filled with Features to Help Both Developers and Merchants Make More Money and Add to Shopper Satisfaction!!
With six generations of E-Business software under their belt, LaGarde knows how to make life easier for the developer. LaGarde offers features that cut way down on development and design time -- and add functionality.

And they know that merchants need to sell more products and manage on-line stores in less time. StoreFront and LaGarde can help you make it happen.

New Features to 6.0

Built on .Net Technology
.Net is the newest web development language pioneered by Microsoft. Building on-line stores in .Net will increase performance and provides the framework for a more robust, extensible web application.

Shipment Tracking
Bring customers back to the web store to track the status of their order delivery. Get the same results returned from the shipping carrier’s own web site while promoting repeat purchases.

Customer Address Book
Shoppers can store an unlimited number of addresses in their personal address book. These addresses can be used when checking out to designate where a product will be shipped.

Order Fulfillment
Manage incoming orders with StoreFront’s order fulfillment tools. Keep track of which orders have been paid and/or shipped, print packing slips, and enter shipping tracking numbers.

Customer Defined Attributes
Provide shoppers with a field to input product specific special instructions or information. This is great for merchants that sell monogrammed merchandise!

Weight Sensitive Product Attributes
Control shipping costs with accurate rates based on the actual weight of a product and its attributes. For example, a vendor who sells coffee in 12 oz, 3 lb, and 5 lb sizes can specify the weight difference for each size option, making his real-time shipping rates more precise.

Multiple Shipping Addresses
Just like it sounds. A customer may be doing Christmas shopping and in a single order arrange shipping to multiple recipients.

HTML E-Mails
Send html e-mails to customers. Add graphics and dynamic data to e-mails for added impact.

Gift Wrap with Messages
Allow shoppers to have items gift wrapped. Include personalized gift message for each gift wrapped item.

Simple Search
Provide a simple search utility to allow shoppers to easily search for items from any page.

Running Cart Total
Keep customers informed about the items in their order with a cart summary on every page.

Related Items
Display related items on product detail pages for increased upsell.

Catalog and Product Page Templates
Take control over catalog and product page design by selecting from a number of fully customizable templates without having to modify the html.

Gift Certificates
Accept gift certificates as payment. Any unused gift certificate amount is stored for later use.

3rd Tax Tier
Specify a local tax region based on the shopper’s postal code in addition to state/province and country tax.

Product Import
Add products to your web store or complete batch updates by simply importing data from an existing database or delimited file.

Fraud Protection
Enhanced support for address verification and the introduction of support for CVV (security codes on the back of credit cards) help merchants reduce fraud.

Real-Time e-Check Processing
Merchant’s customers can enter key information (e.g., bank number, account number, check number and amount of check) and the amount will be deducted from the customer’s bank account and credited to the merchant real-time. This enhances methods of payment for the merchant.

Publish Products to Auctions and Marketplaces
Automatically market your products on popular auctions sites like eBay, yahoo!Auctions, Ubid, etc. and shopping portals like Dealtime.

Automated Drop Shipping*
Drop shipping means a manufacturer directly sends an ordered product to a customer, rather than the merchant stocking and shipping it. Automated drop shipping will allow the merchant to identify a unique vendor with each product, so that when a customer orders, the vendor will be automatically notified with the info needed to ship to the customer without the merchant having to take action.

Integrated Download Delivery*
Automate the delivery of soft good, such as music, software, graphics, etc. Specify when the download is made available and for how long.

Customer Specific Pricing*
Allows merchants to set up multiple tiered pricing specific to classes of customers, allowing “frequent shopper” programs or multi-level distribution systems.

Developer APIs
Published interfaces for modules such as shipping, tax, inventory, order tracking, etc. allow for full customization of the StoreFront application, better supporting third party add-on development and extensibility.

Visual Studio Project**
For developers who want full access to the StoreFront source code, the Visual Studio project will be available. Access to the project allows unlimited customization of the StoreFront application.

* AE Version Only
** XE Version Only

*StoreFront 6.0 contains all the features of StoreFront 5.0 plus the new ones listed above. For a complete list of StoreFront 5.0 features, click here.

For more information about StoreFront, please visit the StoreFront web site at